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COORDINATION OF LARGE-SCALE LINGUISTIC SUPPORT PROJECTS, e.g. high-volume document translation with a team of professional translators hand-picked for the subject matter, and quality control with the target reader/listener in mind; events, seminars, workshops, courses, meetings and field work requiring several interpreters operating simultaneously in different spaces/locations; provision for different language pairs. 

FIXING - local fixing and language support services provided to BBC TV Sport during the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil and to Australian TV Channel 7 Sport during the 2016 Rio Olympics. Reception and accompaniment of businesspeople and event speakers from the English-speaking world in Brazil, and for Brazilians in the English-speaking world.

TRANSLATION of a comprehensive range of documents between the Portuguese and English languages.

INTERPRETING – simultaneous, consecutive, whispered and site liaison work in various areas, including conferences, seminars, workshops and courses; business and board meetings; industrial, civil construction and environmental field visits; site meetings and audits.

BUSINESS – marketing; communication; licitation; financial; quarterly and annual reports; budgets; board meetings; corporate governance & risk and auditing. 

Specialising in:

INDUSTRY - mining & minerals and all related areas; geotechnics; civil construction; technical specifications; industrial expansion and closure projects; transport, installation, test and commissioning of industrial facilities & equipment; health & safety; licensing & regulatory and post-disaster response.

ENVIRONMENTAL – licensing & regulatory; impact studies; remediation and recovery plans; biodiversity; hydrology, hydrodynamics and hydrobiology; reforestation, revegetation and erosion control measures; land and water-borne flora and fauna studies, sampling and laboratory analysis. 

ACADEMIC – papers and submissions to scientific and academic publications; academic conferences and events.

INSTITUTIONAL – government departments at municipal, state and federal levels across the public, executive and judicial branches; law enforcement; firefighting & civil defence; higher education and research institutes.

SPORTS & LEISURE – sporting events from local to international in scale; tourism; musical education and tour/concert work with Brazilian and international orchestras, bands and artists.

Whether or not  your project fits any of the above definitions, contact us – the professional service you need is just a click away. 

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